5 Things that Make a Great Property for Your Home

5 Things That Make a Property Great for a New House

#1 Location, Location, Location

Location is arguably the most important thing to consider before purchasing property to build your new dream house. Make sure the location of the property is on the right side of the city or town you want to live in. Visit local community amenities like fitness centers, recreational facilities, hospitals and more.

#2 Home Position

Chances are you have a general design of your dream home. Some people want to have big windows that face the east to watch the sun rise. Other people want their living room to face a certain side of the house and others want the most natural lighting possible. The position of your house can make a huge difference on those details. A neighbors tree can block a scenic view or sunlight from entering at the right angle. After building your home, you might notice that the neighbors can look directly into your house which makes privacy a concern. A property can affect the position of your house so make sure the design matches with the property.

#3 School District

Education is one of the most important values that people across the world. The quality of education students receive can make a drastic difference in the opportunities available as they consider different colleges and careers. The Portland school district that a property belongs to can be a make or break decision for potential buyers of a home. Make sure to do research on the quality of education in the school district the property belongs to. 

#4 Landscaping Potential 

The design and potential of the landscape of a property needs to be an early priority. If a property does not have the space or right shape for landscaping that will express the tone for your new home, it may never be able reach the potential you intended for it. Examples of features that require particular space on a property are: patios, ponds, trees, fountains, swings, playgrounds and more.

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#5 Picture The Neighborhood In 5-10 Years

When buying property, it’s important to picture what the neighborhood will be like in 5 to 10 years. Neighbors can make changes that might make living in your dream home a nightmare. In more rural properties, an adventurous neighbor could create a race track for go-karts and dirt bikes. Other neighbors might create a shooting range or have a noisy shop. Consider the type of property you are buying, the HOA or other neighborhood rules that might restrict undesirable projects.